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Akiko Yano – Gohan Ga Dekita Yo (1980)

6268577I’ve always loved this album cover. Maybe it’s not “lifting an inflatable dolphin” great, but it’s great nevertheless. More than that, I think it represents what her music is all about. I first heard of Akiko Yano through her involvement in YMO; as you may know she was married to Ryuichi Sakamoto for a long time, so she was always in that orbit. I don’t think she appeared on any of the albums but she was part of their live show for a few years. If you’ve ever seen one of those performances then surely you will have noticed her; while the other members were mostly stoic and businesslike (must be the Kraftwerk thing), Yano was always bopping along and having a great time. You ever hear that phrase, “dance like no one’s watching?” Well, that’s her.
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