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Birds and Buildings – Bantam to Behemoth (2008)

birds-buildings-bantam-to-behemoth-2008It turns out that before I know of Dan Britton’s bands, I actually knew of him through Rate Your Music.  See, our tastes run fairly similar, and he’s a fairly prolific reviewer, so naturally I began to recognize his style after a while.  After all, Britton’s the sort of reviewer who is very clear in what he likes and what he doesn’t like.  In general, the wilder and more complicated the better, while music that’s droney, ambient, or too vocal-centric tends to get the wrath.  He is prone to the obnoxious habit of insisting that other people only like the bands that he doesn’t in order to bolster their image – as though others only like groups such as Stars of the Lid, Neu!, and Boards of Canada because they’re trendy, rather than because of any actual artistic merit.  I think he has a pet peeve with reviews that lay the hyperbole thick on a piece of work that he isn’t big into, which is something I can understand, but nowadays I disagree with this stance on principle.
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