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Can – The Singles (2017)


I dig this idea because I’ve tried to do it myself. See, for most people Can are about the wild experimentation and the sidelong grooves – “Halleluwah”, “Yoo Doo Right”, “Mother Sky”, Jaki playing like an octopus, Holger doing those two finger ascending lines, Damo shouting like a cornered squirrel, and so on. But I always felt that Can were an excellent singles band as well, by which I mean they wrote a lot of awesome tunes under five minutes. I didn’t know that Can issued actual singles, not outside of “Spoon” and “I Want More” that is. I mean, coming across an actual Can LP is rare, even now that they’ve all been reissued a dozen times, so the prospect of finding some 7-inch with a 3-minute edit of a 15-minute epic (which itself was taken from a 4-hour jam session) seems downright impossible. Regardless, they existed, and this comp is an attempt to showcase them in all their hastily-edited glory.

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