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Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (2013)


I know what you’re thinking, “nobody wants to read about this album anymore”. Well, nobody wants to read about half of the albums I write about for this blog and that hasn’t stopped me so far. But you have a point. I have rarely seen the entire world of online music writing and message boards coalesce around a single album the way it did for this one, with thousands of reviews being written overnight; even my Facebook feed was flooded with hot takes about the album. Many of which were negative by the way, calling it boring, even wondering if the group were actively trying to antagonize them. Meanwhile there were publications wondering aloud if Daft Punk had just released the album of the decade, pointing out how every single detail was utterly brilliant, especially all the subtle ones that most listeners wouldn’t catch. Which is exactly why you don’t write record reviews overnight. Now I have accused Daft Punk of not trying very hard in the past, but it’s clear that they pored over every little detail on this one, making this the sort of album you want to give some space, especially given how long it is (over 74 minutes).  RAM is three years old today, so no time like the present.
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