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Denki Groove – Ilbon2000 (2000)

R-114495-1255484646.jpegOften you know if a live album’s going to be a banger in the first minute.  Presumably you already know all the songs, so all the critical questions get answered right away: Is the band going to stick to the record, or will they mix things up?  What’s the sound quality like?  How amped is the crowd?  What’s the energy level?  I’m thinking of Underworld’s Everything, Everything; as soon as that brand-new synth line on “Juanita” kicks in you know you’re in for something great.  Or Ween’s Live in Chicago, when the band immediately launches into a double-speed “Take Me Away” which blows the studio version out of the water.  “The Man-Machine” on Kraftwerk’s Minimum-Maximum with those deep bass sounds that weren’t possible in ’78.  Any King Crimson live album that kicks off with “Larks 2”.  And so on.
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