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Falco – Emotional (1986)

c0c59ab27ec044f1b213f87d302385beA desperate man in a world so cold…

When I was a teenager I had a strange obsession with Falco.  Truth be told it was originally one of those ironic things that eventually lead to a genuine appreciation (like so much in my life), but I gotta say, I always liked his style.  He had the fashion sense, the movie star looks, and the voice, but most importantly he always looked like he was having a better time than you were.  He also had this kind of odd vocal style, cutting up his lines as though he was in the process of being remixed, and screaming a lot when the songs didn’t exactly call for it.  He has a claim as one of the first white rappers on the planet, coming on the scene in 1981, almost the same time as Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash.  For some reason I found all this hilarious, maybe because it was a different time then, when the 80’s were something to be laughed at and not revered the way it is today.  Or maybe it was the German.
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