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CDs I bought in 1998

For my 12th birthday, I received a particularly great gift – a $50 gift certificate to the local music store.  Back then this was a pretty big deal and not something to be taken lightly.  I had maybe six CDs tops, plus whatever I could steal from my parents.  And with a two-dollar allowance, whatever I got was probably going to have to last until Christmas at the very least.  But it’s more than that when you’re in those preteen years; music was an identity.  I have no clue if middle schoolers these days are sharing Spotify playlists or whatever but back then it was all about what’s in your CD jacket.  As someone just about to enter 7th grade this was very important to me.  If you had cool music tastes then you were somewhat cool, unless you weren’t cool, then you were a poser.  If you listened to what your parents liked, then you were a loser, or you were poor.  If you liked stuff that nobody ever heard of, then you were an enigma, but nobody wanted to talk to you.  Am I getting this right?  Unfortunately there were not very many avenues for me to discover new music; I had MTV and the radio, and that was about it.  Every music video was like a sales pitch.
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