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Gary Numan – Savage (2017)


Finish him!!!

The coolest thing about this album is that it entered the UK charts at #2. Gary Numan is a living legend of course, and the history of electronic music would be incomplete without him. But man, was this guy ever left for dead commercially – there was a time when a Gary Glitter comeback seemed more likely. In the early 80’s Numan shifted from being uninterested in hit singles to being really desperate for one, leading to a series of unfortunate choices that left him a prime target for mockery in the UK press. He’d adopted funk, hired some backup singers, and decided that the best way to sell records was to load ’em up with saxophone. All of which was like seeing your dog try on a pair of jeans. The story of Numan’s commercial collapse is best observed through his album covers; from 20’s noir to Mad Max to Blondie McSunglasses and his Blue Hair/White Face phase, Numan was searching fruitlessly for anything that would stick. Hard to believe the “floating head” look of Telekon would be something like an artistic peak for him, but there it is. By the time of Machine + Soul he’d been tucked into the lower right corner, as if to say “pay no attention to the man whose name is on the record”. After selling approximately 7 copies of that record, he decided he was due for a change. Even the president of his fan club (who he’d later marry) had to look him in the face and tell him that he sucked now.
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