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The Happy Schnapps Combo – Raise It! (1991)

300x300If you want to understand small-town Wisconsin, consider the origin of the word “cheesehead”.  Once used as a derogatory term, Wisconsinites quickly adopted it and soon thereafter started regularly wearing foam slices of cheese on their heads.  Once upon a time Manitowoc had a Minor League team called the Skunks, named as such because we always let our rivals choose our team names.  We take “more bars than churches” as a point of pride, not an indictment of our character.  And we make fun of our thick Midwestern accents just as much as you do.  Before that no-good Steven Avery came around, Manitowoc’s most famous were the Happy Schnapps Combo, a fusion of German and Polish polka music that gave the small town its very own sound.  A parody of portly, backwoods, beer-drinkin’ hicks, made up entirely of portly, backwoods, beer-drinkin’ hicks.  Gotta write what you know!
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