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James Ferraro – NYC, Hell 3:00AM (2013)


Back in the old days of the Web Reviewing Community there used to be one site which would sometimes grade albums with an additional “squirm factor” on top. I always liked that concept, and even though it didn’t mean what I thought it meant (it actually referred to what his infant son was doing while the album was playing), I still think about it sometimes. In particular when I’m listening to James Ferraro, whose music seems almost deliberately designed to make you fidget in your seat. His music just makes me uncomfortable, even the stuff I really like. It’s as if it’s trying to scratch an itch that’s been injected with novocaine.
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Jim Ferraro – On Air (2010)


James Ferraro’s music falls into a genre called “hypnagogic pop”, a genre I know nothing about, and am not even sure I would be able to pronounce.  In the old days we’d just slap an “unclassifiable” on it and call it a day, but labels make sites like RYM and Last.fm tick, so now everything’s gotta have a label.  James Ferraro (who for some reason goes by “Jim” for this album only) is perhaps the living embodiment of “unclassifiable”, mutating and corrupting nearly everything he touches.  But if you need a label, something as strange and left-field as “hypnagogic pop” will suffice.
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