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Katamari Fortissimo Damacy (2004)

The last time I was really into video games was during the XBox/PS2/Gamecube era,150753-Katamari_Damacy_(USA)-1 maybe stretching into the first couple years of the Wii.  After that I didn’t really have the time – today’s blockbuster games are just so dense and involved, they’re not really for the “pick it up every few weeks” gamer like myself.  There was another problem I noticed back then, which was that game development felt so stale – everything was a FPS or a sequel.  There was just no money to be made in something original.  I get that, of course – the movie industry operates the same way these days.  But occasionally something gets through the cracks.  I remember hearing about Katamari Damacy back when it was released; all I really remembered was that it was from Japan and it was weird.  So weird in fact that Namco priced the game at $19.99 just to encourage people to try it.

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