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Prince – Emancipation (1996)

Prince_emanc(What’s the Unicode for “Love Symbol”??)

Just when we started to move on from Bowie…wham.  It’s been a brutal 12 months for music, and frankly things are probably going to get worse in the upcoming years.  How strange to think that three of the biggest stars of the 80’s, a decade generally thought of as “not all that long ago”, a decade whose trends we still imitate endlessly, are now gone.  Of course we knew of Michael’s and Whitney’s problems all too well, but Prince was different, a man who somehow figured out how to be free of the flaws of being human.  The guy simply didn’t seem to age – he had the looks of a man twenty years his junior, enough stamina to play three-hour shows on a nightly basis, and maintained the same insane work ethic for almost four decades.  Plus, there was just so much to who he was, and what he did.  You think the dude can sing, well, have you ever seen him play guitar?  You think his own tunes were great, but how about all the songs he wrote for others?   Or the dozens of supposedly brilliant albums that he just never saw fit to release at all?

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