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Playlist: One hour of Susumu Hirasawa


A few months back I was asked to put together an hour-long Susumu Hirasawa mix for a radio show.  Of course I can’t say no to that, as helping others discover Hirasawa’s music is kind of a life goal of mine.  But it’s incredibly difficult to condense the man’s work into just an hour – he’s been active for four decades, he still releases new albums on a yearly basis, and worst of all they’re pretty much all great.  Naturally I drifted towards some kind of “career retrospective” that would track the important points in Hirasawa’s evolution, but that is way too complex a story to tell in only an hour.  Besides, it’s kind of a boring idea.  I guess I could try to put together the best hour or so of music I could, but there is just no way to do that either – hell, I once tried to put together a fake Hirasawa four-disc anthology and still couldn’t get everything I wanted to in.  So instead I framed it this way – if I only had an hour to convince someone to become a fan of this guy, what songs would I play?  Obviously I’d have to showcase his diversity, playing enough different styles in the hopes that a few of them would land.  I wound up sticking to a one-song-per-album rule too, just to help prune it down a bit.  I’m proud of this playlist, but it’s merely a sampler; not necessarily his best work or most famous, but I think it’s a list that represents what Hirasawa is all about.

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