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The Feelies – The Good Earth (1986)

During my freshman year of college I had a reputation as being the dorm’s computer guy. Not that I’m particularly savvy in that area but I was at least on the same level as a technically inclined 13 year-old. Once word spread that I knew how to “get the internet working” I was suddenly installing printers and doing virus scans for everyone on the floor. Not that I minded too much – it was a good way to meet cute girls and get free beer. At one point I spent three hours troubleshooting for some hunting bro whose computer was one of the most messed up I’ve ever seen – the thing was just completely slammed with viruses, to the point where it was effectively useless. Before I finished up some people knocked on the door to drink a few beers and play cards and the dude kicked me out, saying I should come back tomorrow. I did it because I’m a sucker, but it did hurt a bit…after all who likes beer and cards more than yours truly?
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