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The Transit Kings – Living in a Giant Candle Winking at God (2006)


“What is the magic that makes one’s eyes, sparkle and gleam, light up the skies”

I knew that The Orb used this sample (from Raymond Scott’s “Lightworks”) somewhere, and it bothered me for a long time because I could never quite work out where.  I thought for sure it was on either Cydonia or Bicycles & Tricycles but I listened to both of those and came up empty.  Turns out I was wrong; it was used by the Transit Kings, an Orb offshoot that I had completely forgotten about.  I guess I can’t really be blamed for that – despite their marketing as a “legendary supergroup”, the Transit Kings never really gained any traction.  Maybe because they weren’t really a supergroup, but rather The Orb’s B-team, featuring main Orbman Alex Patterson, founding member Jimmy Cauty, bassist/comedian Guy Pratt, and occasional collaborator Dom Beken.  Granted, Jimmy Cauty was still kind of a big name, given that he had been rarely heard from since the KLF so spectacularly exploded in 1991, but in true Jimmy Cauty tradition, he split from the band before they’d had much of a chance to record anything.
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